Our Initiatives

“A good deed is the best prayer,” they say. And Santosh Lad Foundation through its countless philanthropic works has personified it.

25k Covid Warriors Felicitated
2010 Computer Training Centre

In 2010, free computer training centers were opened to provide free computer training to over 10,000 rural students in various villages across the Kalaghatagi - Alnavar constituency to help poor students brighten their future.

What started with a small step toward empowering youth by starting free computer training centers in 2010, is today among the most notable institutions in the state noted for their relentless social service activities and selfless dedication towards social welfare. 

25,000 Covid Warriors Felicitated

When the whole world was gripped with panic during the pandemic and its brutal onslaught on lives, our Asha worker, Anganwadi and health workers, our sanitation workers – all our Covid warriors on the ground were putting their lives at risk and serving people and saving lives.

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We are glad we got an opportunity to honour 25,000 such covid warriors as well as provide medical kits and offer our gratitude for their
selfless service.

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Free Canteens from Covid Times

When the pandemic subsided and life began to get back to normal, the world wasn’t the same again. It would never be - especially for the poor, the labourers, the workers, poor students, the backward and downtrodden sections. Who would feed those hungry people who had to start from scratch post the pandemic?

This thought gave Santosh Lad sleepless nights and that is why he started 10 free food canteens in various parts of the region. Through this, Santosh Lad Foundation ensured over 30 lakh people had nutritious, healthy and clean hot food everyday and no one went to bed hungry.

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Over 10,500 couples have tied the knot so far at these beautiful mass marriage ceremonies organized by Santosh Lad Foundation

Mass Wedding

Weddings are a cherished dream for everyone but they often come at a huge cost and are an expense that many poor families grapple to bear. In this direction, Santosh Lad Foundation has been easing the burden of thousands of families each year by organizing a Mass Marriage event for couples of all faiths.

Painting Houses

Festival time is when all of us paint our houses, decorate them, and gear up to celebrate life. But what about the Poor of our villages? The pandemic had painted all lives in a shade of gloom.

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So to literally bring colour into the lives of people over 10,000 buildings including houses for the poor and needy, government schools, bus-stands in many villages of Dharwad, Bellary, and Vijayanagar districts have been painted in fresh and bright shades by the Santhosh Lad Foundation.

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Sports Activities

No other organization has been as dedicated to nurturing sports talent as the Santosh Lad Foundation. Every year, we host cricket and kabaddi, competitions at the taluka, and district levels, offering a top-tier platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills and potential.